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Viernes, 14 Diciembre 2012 21:46

Seminario Fedetur analiza el rol de los municipios en el turismo

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    "We must build on the momentum and unleash a strong finishing kick, striving to complete the deal within 2019," he told leaders of ASEAN as well as South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand as well as India in the meeting.

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    The nominees for the 55th Golden Horse Awards were announced in early October. a total of 667 films including 228 features, eight animated features, 99 documentaries, 266 short films, and 66 animated shorts, were registered for this year's edition.

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    The 29th AFC Congress will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on April 6.

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    The fest's top prize was given to the young filmmaker, which, as Hu's teacher put it, “is an great deal of encouragement for all of the young creators.” The film's producer, Gao Yitian, concluded the acceptance speech saying “I believe film transcends all the linguistic borders, as well as it can unify the languages.”

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    Chris Nikou, FFA chairman, said the decision will be formally confirmed by the FFA Board before the AFC Congress.

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    Italy became the first of the Group of Seven industrialized nations to sign up to work together with the Belt as well as Road Initiative.

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    Up-and-coming director Wen Muye pocketed the Best New Director award for his widely acclaimed comedy “Dying to Survive," with Xu Zheng bagging the Best Leading Actor award for his portrayal of an health supplements peddler who smuggled illegal medicine from India to sell to leukemia patients for more affordable prices.

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    Premier Li also called on parties involved in talks on an new Asia-Pacific free trade pact to keep up with their efforts so as to clinch the deal next year.

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    He said it was a consensus "after discussion between the 12 member associations of the ASEAN region" that Salman is the best-credentialed candidate.

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